Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm on Holidays!

The school year is done....well it is for me! I am soooo finished for the year and so ready for the time off. I must be getting old as I am tired.....don't get me wrong I do like to work but sometimes, somedays, you just crave something different......just not sure what that could be at this point. Something to ponder for the summer months. Of course come September I may either be really bored.......or even more tired from all the projects that I have planned and the things I have thought I should tackle. Mmmmmmmm.... a dilema for sure. First things first, the week flew by as they always do, is that not a sign of age I don't know what is. Or it could simply be that I was busy all week and didn't notice that "duh" today is Sunday and a week has passed since my last blogging?

Okay I was busy. Allright! We only ran a couple of days, really in need of a break, when it starts to be a chore and not pleasant that means slow down take a that's what I am doing for 10 days....sorry Trish! Nick will have to keep up with you or you could simply take some time off...please?

The bench is almost finished, I need to get some stain today and finish it but I didn't have the color that I wanted so I will pick some up today. Did I mention how heavy that thing is? Hokey Doodle! It's going to be a stationary bench let me tell you!

So this is it, as of a few days ago. But yesterday, I did a couple of "new" things to it and I will post them later. I think it is really cute. Looks similar to a throne, don't you think? My thoughts exactly. A Princess needs a throne. In spite of what the "King" thinks....mmmmmmm....maybe we should have matching ones? Not a bad idea at all.... have a nice Sunday, looks like sun again today!

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