Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend, and then gone

"The Painted Shed" love her things!

Boy those days go by so fast! Maybe if it had been raining and I had stayed in the house and read but it was a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the high twenties.

Trish and I ran this morning at 6:30 and it was 9'C so any warmer than that and it would have been quite unpleasant. But we had a good run around 10km so we were good girls. I finished off a project, I think it is cute, kind of sits there, making a small statement. Got some MORE fertilizer for the lawn. Did I not say we were done with that.....obviously not!

Jane has arrived in Nelson and has been busy unpacking and sorting through her things. It is quite lovely and she needs to purge some of her old things. She is very happy so that's the main thing. Thank you to Dustin for helping her and driving the truck.

Well the father in this house had a relaxing day again.....all the kids phoned and checked in, Daniel was a little bagged out and the next few weeks are going to be tough but he is hoping for a month off before the next round. Guess I will have to start looking for a car or something....mmmmmmmm.......well I am verrrryyyyyy tired so I think I shall fold my teepee and head to bed. But here is a glimpse of my project for the day....good night all.

The Bench
Soon to be completed.............good night my friends.

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