Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just this and that

Today was a good day....Trish and I ran this morning, and it felt very hard. Thankfully, later in the day I wasn't feeling any ill effects, I even wore high heels to work. Thursday, we are going to find a new route, we're tired of running North Nechako....it's good going downhill but uphill coming back, and it seems really warm and I felt like a puddle when I was done, and probably lost 3 pounds of water in sweat. The sun actually shone for a while today and then it would rain and then out would come the sun and dry everything up. I just know I am going to have to mow the lawn again on Thursday. If not tomorrow.....yes the grass is beautiful but it just grows way too much. Tomorrow I am going to see about my tooth, having a big gaping hole in my jaw is not pleasant. I hope that it's not going to be a big deal.
I took a couple of photos of my white iris's they are so beautiful.....I really need to move a few to the backyard, they don't spread like the purple bearded iris's and they don't seem to transplant successfully. The hanging baskets we picked up in Quesnel are quite pretty but I think I need different hangers as I don't like the cheap plastic hooks. I will have to go check out the shed. I'm sure there should be some metal ones in there. Mom has been busy cleaning my house, and it is so nice to have things done for you. I am truly blessed to have her here. Today she made raisin cookies, the ironing is all done and the floors and nooks and crannies are are all cleaned...

I couldn't resist taking this shot of Mom in the garden picking weeds. Don't you just love the matching crocs and sweater. I think they suit her. she's just so darn cute!

The pinks Cosmos are going to be pretty against the grey house, hopefully they grow tall. I think I will be in bed very soon and the sun hasn't even gone down yet. Wish me well tomorrow....night!

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