Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Just Beachy!!!

Well it's not hard to find a good beach around here! They are all good beaches. Not crowded at all and plenty of places to spread out and enjoy the sun and the surf. We went to Makena Beach on Saturday and today we went to one called Kewakapao or something like that. Makena was really nice except the twit that keyed our car. I am sure that is going to be a wonderful bill. And for no reason whatsoever, just because vandalism is a high priority for some idiots.......but I won't carry-on with that tirade........I am not impressed. But I do love the beaches and playing in the surf. I think I have the entry down pat now and haven't been sent smashing into the sand again. We have been using boogey boards and they are a blast. The hubs even tried them today.The tans are coming along, starting to look like a Hawaiian girl but a bleached out blonde one! John was out snorkeling today at Kewakapao and rubbed up against a sea urchin and had to go have some minor surgery to get the needles out. A few stitches, antibiotics and no water for him for a few days.....crappy......So tomorrow we are going to hike up to the Iao Valley and have a look at the lush greenery and hopefully find a waterfall or two.

So far so good. Today was a good day for sun and no burning......picked up a few souvenirs, some pineapple vodka.......try that tasty treat with tonic......and to top it off the Canucks are moving into the second round......only by the grace of God I might add.......I really think for 12 million dollars they could find a goalie who will not let in a short-handed goal with a 1:56 left in the third period. But Alex Burrows is the star of the night.....and on we go to play Nashville next.......Aloha and sweet dreams..............

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