Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random thoughts and sightings

I think that I am so relaxed my brain has gone into fog mode. After awhile with no routine or schedule ones' brain tends to go the way of the tides I think. We've had many beach days, and shopping days.....the winds really come up in the afternoons so we have been going to the beaches in the morning and then coming home around 1:00 and just being lazy. Last night we went into Lahaina to watch the Warren and Annabelle Magic Show, if you come to Maui you have to go and see Warren's magic tricks......and maybe you will even see the Ghost of Annabelle. She is the fiancee' of a ships captain who was lost at sea back in the 1700's and occasionally if you are lucky you might see her. Anyway, the show was fantastic and you will laugh and be amazed until your face hurts! Mine did anyway......Nothing like a good laugh to release some happy endorphins! So here are just some random photos to make you laugh and think "ahhhhh....."

Warren Gibson the Magician in Lahaina

Hubs and I at the Iao Needle in the Iao Valley

Surfers waiting for the waves to come in
I said that if I was 30 years younger.... I would be trying would be "way cool"! But unfortunately it's out of my league at this point, but they sure are exciting to watch.

Wind Surfers

Sax Player in the Mall

Momma Hen and her babies, these chickens wonder all over the place

The Aging Beach Boys
I doubt they were the "real" Beach Boys cause nobody looked familiar but they sure could sing! And the saxophone guy was amazing! So that's pretty much my rambling today....our aunt and cousin are arriving today, it is Gig's birthday so we may have to have a few cocktails to celebrate. So for now my friends it's time for a little tanning of the backside and  my book till the Canucks start.

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