Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF!!! Yea!

Well not that it matters much to day seems the same as the next, but this Friday is two days away from Sunday and the April Fools Run! Well it looks like Environment Canada is calling for a typical rainy WestCoast day! Oh yea! Nothing like running in the rain in sopping wet shoes for 21km! But to tell you the truth....... it is better than the sun burning up the pavement. So it will be what it will be. Que Sera! Sera! Bet you don't remember that song, do you! I used to love watching Doris Day! OMG! I am showing my age! Stop it! I tell you!

So what plans do you have for this weekend......?????? Not much in the way of outside chores will get painting that is a the moment I have pieces of driftwood scattered around the house on the electric heaters drying out so that I can start some projects....and .I need to get some landscape fabric so the weeds won't take over once again. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Too many things...........ADHD!!!!!!

One daughter is back home on Canadian soil and back at work this morning.....she is probably still feeling the effects of jet lag. The other will arrive next week. Must get those Easter baskets on the happy they will be home soon.:)))))))

So besides psyching myself up for the run on Sunday, there will be some dreaming, scheming, and plotting of Spring projects, the ideas are endless I tell ya! Here's a few that are crawling around.....

What a eclectic idea! Love it!

Want a deck full of flowers......!!!

A cozy sitting place

Too cute for words..... I think I can .....I think I can.........

 I need to find my nail gun.........
but cute isn't it? Oh the possibilities!!!!

These are running around in my head and I have a couple that may emerge
over the weekend!!!

Can't wait for hanging baskets of these beauties

This Potters bench is made from recycled plastic
but its simple enough that I can do this with wood

How clever are these!

Raised beds for a few veggies, this is the Hubs
department.......just like these ones please!
So as you can see my anxiety is running a little high these time to get this booty moving....I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and the weather is conducive to the projects you have planned. Myself........ I am just going to go with the flow and hope for the best. Have a great weekend! And wish me wings for Sunday! And dry feet would be fan-tab-u-luss!

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