Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Run

Well 21km done! What a day! When we woke this morning it wasn't looking like much of a day, but I put it out to the universe and asked for a small miracle.....and low and behold it was a great day with sunshine to complete the day. It's always a dilemma as to what to wear, and today was no different. Shorts, long sleeves/short sleeves, hat/no hat, gloves were a for sure. So here was what the day brought about. Thanks Hubs for taking some great photos of the day and of Sue and I.

Pre-Race ready to roll

Sue and I coming down to the main street......
 about 1km into race

And we are off!  Bye Honey!

The first runner in at 1:09, just bizarre!
How does someone do that!

These guys are seriously speed demons!

I am thinking if I was this lady, I wanted to just throw up!
That's what happens when you
are a speed demon. I believe these runners are from
 the Vancouver Running Club-The Falcons

Here we come!

We are only smiling because we are ever so thankful it is done!
And a whole lot crazy!

This is the second half marathon I have run and this is my friend Sue,
 are you starting to see a pattern here?
So that was the April Fool's Run for 2012, we hadn't planned on running the whole thing but about 2 weeks ago we thought "Oh why not"!!!!!! No fool like an old fool!

Yes..... I look a wee bit tired but ever so happy!

My partner in crime, Sue,
one happy girl to have beat her time from last year,
 by a good 12 minutes! Awesome!

Now is this not theeeee most picturesque ending!

Byron and Sue, her cheering Hubby

Okay, I am a ham! But I was trying to be taller!
So ya....... it's not happening anytime soon!

Well now the time has come to sit down and enjoy a libation and some well earned chocolate! House is clean because I didn't want to sit around otherwise I would seize up and that would not have been a pretty picture. With the sun shining it was a good time to wash the living room windows, and get the house vacuumed because the Hubs is on nights for the rest of the week and that means no house cleaning during the day! Hope you had a great weekend, tomorrow its back to the crafty, and driftwood hunting! Have a great night!

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