Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday feeling like a Monday

Today started out rather early and I am all mixed up in my days of the week, yesterday felt like Sunday and today feels like Monday! But all is well.....I accomplished quite a few things today, some of which time consuming, like waiting for paint to dry! Oh my goodness! I am not a patient person, its a good thing it was windy out to help things along........ or I would have had to do the blow dryer trick!

But the chairs are painted too, and looking mighty you those tomorrow! I had to paint a wall in my living room as I found the perfect picture for over our fireplace, and well the old nail holes or should I say spike holes (what is wrong with people that use spikes to hang pictures?) so I was filling holes yesterday and today I painted the wall, all before we went running this morning..... then it could dry while I was gone.

The pots were planted today and another 3 bags of white rock had to be purchased to fill in the garden area! So that is a total now of 18 bags at 18kg a bag, each bag covers approximately 3sq.ft. in their dreams it does! But it looks so nice now.  I'm glad I decided on white rock instead of bark mulch......clean and tidy looking. So for the rest of the day I am doing "NADA!" The Canucks and the LA Kings are on this evening, so time to get dinner ready and sit back and chillax!

These are some pretty amazing mountains going through the Coquahalla Pass. Still lots of snow on them hills, and apparently the day after I came through, six inches or more fell, so I'm quite glad I came home when I did. Driving these mountains passes can be pretty treacherous and I think I'm done with winter driving! Doesn't take long to loose that "lovin' feelin'!"

I shall see you tomorrow.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and Spring was knocking at your door!                       Go Canucks Go!


  1. Gardening is rewarding ~ but exhausting! You definitely deserve a break ~ hope your team wins :)

  2. No such luck for our Canucks! I think LA has their number! Tonight will be the deciding game!