Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Friday, Easter and Easter Monday Gone!

I don't know...... one minute I am sailing along and the next thing I know a million things have happened and the week is over.

My eldest daughter and father arrived on Friday and there was a whirl wind of activity, sight-seeing rolled into a few hours and then an impromptu dinner, another trip to the beach, shrub planting, beach combing, you name it, we managed to shove it all into a few days. Not to mention a secret trip of the Easter Bunny to surprise a little man!

Today we went for an Easter Brunch at my brother/sister-in-law's and her sister and partner were visiting.....I haven't seen her in years, so lots of catching up to enough time...but now we are closer so maybe we will see each other more often. But there is way too much going on....time for some down time.......but non the less Spring has Sprung in all it's glory, lawns need mowing, painting of relic lawn furniture, driftwood mirrors, sea glass collecting, huge pieces of driftwood dragged up steep beach inclines......thinking and planning, its a good thing I have Jane here keep me under control so that I don't go totally crackers!

Flowering Forsythia Branches

Flowering Red Currant

A little Easter decor on the mantel

Mr. Cat Chow Mein, looking handsome sitting on
 the freshly mowed lawn

Peonies! I am soooo happy!
 I left behind so many plants that I had collected over the
years, now I will have to start a new collection...
I wonder what color they are?

I painted this relic of a chair to give it some life and add some color to the
corner of the garden, sit on it with care

This mirror I made with driftwood bark

This is made with driftwood sticks, glued and nailed

Just a few small pieces of driftwood, and some floats
I sweet-talked to get!

Freshing potted Hydrangea

Collection of driftwood, Jane packed up the heavy one!

Yes....... laying on the beach seeking sea glass

Sorting through the different colors of glass
Sorry to bog you down with a week's worth of activities. It could be another few days before I get back here, as I am doing a little road trip and checking out some stores for white landscaping you know how hard that is to find around here! Crikey mate! Enough to drive a sane woman over the edge I tell ya! I think it is time to sit back and relax for the evening....and make a list for tomorrow, there's a few things I need to finish up, some weather permitting, and some baking.....and some cleaning......oh dear....some things just get out of hand.....ciao for now and have a good, good nite!

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