Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Resting and Recovering week.........

I am lazing about these past few days post race recovery.....trying to eat right and regain strength, and focus on the next event. I am a little sore so I have been stretching and soaking the legs, but really they aren't that bad. But as I get older, I think I need to be more pro-active in the nutrition, and stretching department. I pulled out all my books on running and they are so helpful, I really like this book:

If you're at all serious about running....... I think you need to read everything you can and research this sport. Because just putting on a pair of runners and taking off out the door is probably going to be your first and biggest mistake. (unless you are a kid maybe) Why you ask? Because I did this and couldn't walk for a good week! Shoes, shoes, shoes! They make the world of difference and you should be fit with the right shoe. Then you need to start slow and gradually go forward. My great aspirations were to run marathons......okay I am smarter now and realize I will never run a marathon, the gas tank just doesn't get that full!.......I am happy and very satisfied with running 21.1km and if you think that is easy, I think you will be surprised. So I am happy doing "halfs" I don't like that word....but it is what it is.......

I was reading  Anglea Liddon's blog "Oh She Glows" and her "Green Monster" is her power drink......

The Green Monster Smoothie

Green Monster Smoothie
Ingredients (1 serving/2 cups)
    1 cup almond milk, or milk of choice
    1 ripe banana, preferably peeled + frozen
    2 handfuls organic spinach
    1 tbsp chia seeds OR 1 tbsp ground flax
    1 tbsp nut butter (here I used Dark Chocolate Almond Butter)
    1-3 Ice cubes
    juice of half a lemon(optional)
Starting with the liquid, add in 1 cup of milk of your choice. Now add in the chia or flax and nut butter. Next, add in the spinach followed by the banana on top. Blend until smooth. Add in your ice cubes and blend some more. Serves 1- about 2 cups.

Angela swears this made her stronger, I think the spinach is the contributing factor because I have always eaten spinach salads and felt better for it. So for now I am downing one of these daily till my next race. What's good for Popeye, is good for this girl! It is very tastey and the Hubs said it wasn't bad!

So it is raining today and so I thought I would do a little baking, macaroons, meatballs, my daughter will be here in a few days, so I need to think about cooking some real food......I also want to plant some my mini shrubs for my deck.....I have a vision in my head and it sort of looks like this beautiful deck....althou all the vines are not a good idea with all the rain around here but the potted greenery is what attracts me........

I want to have many pots around with different plants and shrubs in them, they grow very well downhere. I was in the greenhouse the other day and my head was twirling around with all the possibities......I love plants and flowers. I just wish there was some place to pick up some of these amazing planters and pots.......Well time to press on.....what are your plans for the day? Hmmmmm..........

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