Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rainy Day Monday

Good Morning Blogger World! And a beautiful morning it is today! Not so nice yesterday, so it didn't look promising for Sue and I to get out on our run, so we waited a bit and the Weather God let up on the rain and off we went. We didn't have any real destination in mind, just to run and have a good day. And run, and run, we did! After 16.5 km and a few gruesome hills we arrived back home feeling very good about ourselves. But it didn't take long to realize I was seizing up and needed to do some stretching and refuel. After about an hour I felt much more energized and grab a gallon of paint and headed outside to finish a project that I started a month ago but never got back to for various reasons.

On one wall of my studio there was a trellis that was supporting a very old climbing hydrangea and the growth was invading the siding and just making a mess and doing some serious damage to the walls, so off it came and........ oops! Another mess underneath!  So then..... I had to take my electric sander and remove the climbers that grew, attaching themselves like glue to the wall. That was a month ago, so yesterday was just a matter of painting....and the weather was warm so brush in hand and ladder and an hour later the wall was looking very nice and fresh.

This was the before....

The little beggars were stuck like glue!

The mighty sander

The finished wall!
And besides a little vacuuming that was pretty much my day and that was quite enough "Thank you very much." And as I promised here are the photos from the day I spent refreshing the outdoor furniture with the best invention in the world! A can of Spray paint! Spray paint is your friend!

The red chairs are new, well they're old but a new color!

Yes.....we have Gone Coastal
......not postal!

An Azalea........RED!

My new Unicorn Bush

A little grass for the front porch

The new RED pots.......and the 18 bags of white rock!
A few pieces of the beach.....but I need something else just
not sure what it is yet!

The Master welcoming you to our home

Well I think I am about caught up on the little things today I need to do some baking and laundry and go to the library to pick up a book I have been waiting for. Have you read the "Winter Palace?" I know it's going to be good. I love Russian history......can't wait to get that one started. Well that's it, that's all for today...time for another cup of "Joe" and making my list. I hope you have a great day full of inspiration and creativity! I know I'm never without a few ideas! Thanks to a few friends and their ideas!

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