Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yikes! What a day!

I think I am an accident looking for a place to happen today. It started by dropping a piece of glass from a frame on my foot and cutting the top of it, then I was coming through the garage door and it slammed shut and the laundry cupboard came a crashing down!! Nearly taking my head with it! So they say accidents come in "threes" I'm not taking any chances and staying right here on this chair. When the Hubs comes home he is going to have to anchor that puppy better into a stud or something! Crikey!

Hear I was minding my own business puttering around the house getting it all tidied up for company this weekend and twice now my life has been threatened.......hmmmmmm......we have company coming tomorrow from the city for a day or so and then a surprise visit from daughter and partner in crime, for a few days, so we are b.u.s.y this weekend. I sure hope the weather cooperates. At the moment it's not looking promising..... Lots of hockey on the tube this weekend, our good old Canucks picked up a win last night in LA so they are back home tomorrow night and need to win three straight.......I for one am not holding my breath!

I don't think I am liking this new format for blogger, I'm not to savvy when it comes to all these programs , I need a lesson or two,  it seems more complicated than it should be. I've been busy putting things here and there trying to find the right "zen" feeling on the deck and making a few more nautical accents, the fellow at the Boating Exchange gets a good laugh when I come in there!

A Spring wreath made with live forsythia and red currant

Bamboo that I got the Hubs to dig up and re-pot

Sun gone and replaced with giant star....
much better

Third mirror in the series....

Buoys from the boat exchange but prettied up, I
don't know why they wouldn't come in pretty colors!

So I am finishing up another sign that I had an idea for, and went with Pam's idea of flip flops, it did have glass in the frame but not so much now! I may have to go in search of another piece of glass to cover the art.......and I figured out what to do with the fishnet, and the shells and the stay tuned and with any luck and nothing else drops from above........ I will return!

 Have a great afternoon!

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