Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm thinking........

Tuesday.....hummmmmm....I've been thinking that there are a few things that I need to get made. I saw a "Oh....So....Cute".......seashell wreath downtown at one of the specialty stores and being the thrifty chick that I am, I thought.......I can do that.......I already have the grapevine wreath, and I know where I can pick up a whole whack of small seashells.....even thou...there may be a bag of them out in the garage in that mess somewhere! Then....... I saw a driftwood basket.....I'm thinking, glue, nail gun.....yup its doable.

This is my last week before I rest and taper, although I think since I just run continually each week that next weekend should just be another long run day.....The girls and I don't plan on breaking any records....of course we say that now, but sometimes things just change along the route. Sue and I went out the other day and it was way warmer than we had thought it would be. So tonight we will have to dress accordingly. Tomorrow is another trip to the dump and then I am sure I can start working in my studio and get some painting underway. But the lighting is quite bad and so I think I may have to fix that first.

I found a red Rhubarb plant and an Asparagus plant, a few plants that I want to try. I've had Rhubarb of course before, but I really wanted red not the green, its not a nice looking, or tasting for that matter. And Asparagus, well I haven't been able to grow that for years and since everything grows so well down here....... I am hoping after the 3 year wait, we will have more than we can eat!

These are a clever idea

I like this idea of a seashell wreath
except I want the finger starfish and
I think I will do without the pearls....
althou pearls do come from oysters

When I saw this clever idea,
 I thought I will have to start saving
egg shells
Well the laundry is done, the house is once again clean. The Hubs will be around tomorrow so we have a few chores to do and I won't get a chance to make my usual noise cleaning. So have a good evening and I hope you had a day that made you feel productive and creative. See you soon!

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