Saturday, April 14, 2012

Me and my girls

Well we had a busy week and weekend, I drove Jane back home on Wednesday and stayed for a few days with my girls and did some shopping, not too hard to do when everything is at your finger tips! But the one thing that I wanted from Costco, wouldn't you just know it..... they didn't have the red colored pots that I wanted. Darn near ruined the whole trip! That's the one thing about Costco, you snooze.... you loose! The days were gorgeous and warm but windy as it can be....but all in all it was a nice little visit and a welcome break.

At one time we had thought about going to the Interior but I'm glad we ended up by the ocean, and the people! Holy Guacamole! It sure doesn't take much adjusting to get used to a small town as far as traffic and people go.

So this week I am going to spend some time planting up some big pots.....I hope I have enough soil to fill them all and I may have to go and buy some geraniums to put in another planter that I forgot I had. Being able to plant all these new shrubs and perennials is certainly a treat. I'll post some photos in a few days of all my pots.

But in the meantime, the girls and I did a little "photo op" because funny enough...... we all bought brown leather jackets unbeknownst to each other...... so we thought we'd take our picture the day I left......nothing like flagging down strangers to help us out.

My mom and Jane on Easter weekend at Pender

Jane looking springish at the beach

Jane and I in our spring outfits

Kait and I

Mother Hen and her girl chicks clad in brown leather

The newest in hood ornaments!

I made a quick stop in Merritt and my cousin Gigi grows lavender and makes all sorts of wonderful products.....right now I am in lavender heaven. You can check out her online store for her heavenly products at you won't be sorry! Pure Bliss! Well time to get some tea ready and pack it in. Three weeks till my next half marathon so major running for the next two weeks.....and a taper.......hopefully tomorrows run will be better than todays pitiful excuse! Night all!

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  1. Hey! I recognize that thule on top of your car! You and your daughters are looking very fine. I, too, have a new brown leather jacket (well, new as in January of this year) - must be the rage!