Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Yes it is true! Spring has Sprung on the Sunshine Coast! Today was a beautiful sunny day, and the Hubs and I made a full day of it. The lawn was mowed, the new patio furniture was assembled, decorations were painted. My back is crippled but it was a great day! Full on till dinner time. Whoops! Did I say dinner? Sorry cook was too busy, will have to order in! Bring on the wine and the muscle relaxants! No running for me tonight! Not a chance! It was the couch and chillaxingy!

I have been busy all week, well......I mean it's only Wednesday but it feels like Friday! On Monday. Sue and I decided that we needed to take a rest because on the Sunday that "WE" weren't going to do too long of a run, turned into a 15.5km run in a decent 1:45, so we went to the gym on Monday and did some core work........okay we thought we were in shape!!!!.......We have muscles we haven't used in a very long time....we are runners not Ab Busters! Hokey Doodle! There was some serious hurtin' happening! But it's all good, we now realize we are going to the gym twice a week and doing some strength training.....So today after bending and handy-manning, I was not going to try running. The running group is going to the city on Sunday to do a 8km run, and then on April 1st, Sue and I are signed up to do the half for the "Fools Run".....who are the fools? We are da fools! Some serious resting, hydrating and carb loading is going to happen next week. Anyways....back to Spring and all its glory! This was the thermometer reading this afternoon......hee,heee,heee!!!!!!!! How sweet is this?????

Honestly! Would I lie to you!

The Hubs doing the lawn! This mower is a beast! I will not be trying to
use it! Do I look like an Amazon?

Beautiful Daffodils

Our new patio chairs, perfect for a morning coffee

Iron Kitty, checking out the flower beds

This bird bath, used to be purple but I've come to my senses
and now it is Heirloom White
So its back to work for the Hubs tomorrow and I would like to fill up my planters with soil tomorrow if the weather is agreeable, no planting yet, but lots of planning. I touched up my planters with some fresh paint and repainted my sunburst and tin art it was a good day and a lot was accomplished. It is amazing how energized you get when the sunshine shows its rays. Time to finish up my tea and make the workings of a lunch for morning. Sleep well!

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