Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is coming alive

Happy Hump Day! Mid-week and Spring is definitely coming together. I took my camera out yesterday in the afternoon and found a few tell-tale signs that Spring has Sprung!

Song birds and robins in the backyard

Wonderful Purple Crocuses,
along the edge of my sidewalk

Blooming Azaleas
(at least that's what I think they are)

Found an abandoned nest,
so amazing!
Today I spent the whole day in the house being somewhat lazy.........I was's just I wasn't overly motivated to go out. So I spent a few hours punching out flowers and painting styrofoam eggs......while I watched yesterdays Y&R episode. I know pathetic........but I need to have some vices!

Five eggs = 60 flowers, 30 stick pins for each egg
Hokey Doodle!!!! Patience is a virtue.........

So then I thought I should get a move on cutting out quilt squares for the baby rag quilt. Now if that isn't a test of my OCD/ADD....... I don't know what is!!!!  But I stuck with it and cut sixty 7 inch squares, now I need to cut out the batting squares and the quilt backing, but that can wait till tomorrow. Anywhoooooo............ must run and get on the running shoes and get ready for the track.......yeck!!!! I can't wait till it is daylight in the evenings! See you later! Have a great evening.

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