Sunday, March 4, 2012

In like a Lamb.........

When March comes in like a "lamb", you have to wonder what's in store for us at the end. Oh well, not much you can do about the weather. But I really can't complain because the crocuses are up, the tulips are above ground, and the grass needs mowing. So I guess a little rain and cloud is better than a foot of snow at the beginning of March. Since coming home the Hubs has been sick all week, but yesterday with temperatures in the double digits, time to move some more boxes and clean up some outside chores. Sue and I ran 3 times this week, and I did a run by myself, so I am back on schedule, now just to pick up the distance, we've sort of decided to run the April Fool's Run but as a tandem team......I know wimpy but it will be part of our training:))) was nice not having to run in the rain because each time we went out, the clouds cleared and the sun was on our side!

I'm craving a trip to the city.....I need some supplies from the fabric store and Michael's, and a few odds and ends from Home Depot. I was talking to my friend Pam and she told me to go look at "Pickles and Cheese" and have a boo at the rag quilt Lisa made and I was hooked......and odd as it is, I thought for sure that I would have enough fabric but I want to make a baby boy quilt for my friend Julie's new grandson and "low and behold" not much blue to choose I need to shop. I also need "new runners" so definitely a trip to the city is coming.

I've been catching up this week on my reading and I started with Sarah Breathnach to get life in perspective, and March is the month when you start wanting things to move a little faster but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. So I am taking the approach of doing one chore a day, whether it's cleaning a cupboard, clearing another path in the garage, sorting through my fabric, or just relaxing, you get the idea. Hurry up and wait! I've given up making things happen at mach speed, it just isn't worth the stress. Time passes in it's own sweet time. My children have all checked in from their travels and locations this week, Kait and Tor are in Chile today, Jane is in Australia, and Dan is still in the training field but getting closer to the end and back to home base. So once I hear from all my chicks, I am content to relax and focus on today. The Hubs goes back to work this week so life and schedules will return to normal.

So what are you going to do while you wait????...................I think I will just get busy and get things done that will surely suffer come Spring and Summer, when dreams will be of gardening and running freely without the puddle jumping!.......I hope you had a good weekend, and thoughts and prayers to the Mid-west states that are recovering from the horrid tornado that wrecked havoc and destruction on it's path. May you find strength in your friends and neighbors.

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