Friday, November 13, 2009

Where does the time go?

It's seems strange that it is Friday and the weekend is here again. I mean it felt like the weekend having Wednesday off, a short weekend mind you but I accomplished so many things in one day it was amazing.Friday is coffee run day and run we did, the wind blew us all the way in one direction but of course you know what that means, fighting it coming home! Trish made the mistake of walking the "dreaded hill" on Thursday night so she said her legs were "junk" today but we were fine and did 6.5 in 41 minutes so I think we are amazing. But did I mention that my heel is paining me tonight...Yes not nice.

Anyways onward........I found the most amazing red tinsel stars today! I was so excited...after mulling over how I was going to make the decorations for the windows( Starbucks wouldn't give me theirs) geesh what's with that? So when I came across these tinsel stars they were perfect to go along with my "Starry Night Theme" I know stars aren't red but these will be awesome! We had a skiff of snow today but nothing significant....thanks goodness I will post a photo .....pretty but it can hold off till Christmas Eve please and thank you.

I need to so birthday girl shopping tomorrow, Jane's birthday on the 27th, hard to believe she is going to be! Doesn't seem right.....Oh and to the best two ladies in the office, you're fun to be with each day! Thanks for making it worth while to come in everyday!

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  1. You're awesome, Gail! I love your creative craftiness, and I love, love, love working with you! Keep on creating concrete, cookies, cake plates and other cute, crafty creations. Hmmmm, is there a pattern here? :)