Monday, November 23, 2009

Afternoon Sky

Very Cool!
Hold on Toto!

This afternoon I was standing at the photocopy machine and I couldn't help watching the clouds...they were moving so fast across the sky. It was very ominous, a storm definitely brewing. If we had been in Kansas you would have thought a tornado was going to touch down, but no after snowing the greater part of the morning, around 3:00 the sky opened up and it proceeded to pour cats and dogs. It would happen on a day when I just wanted to run in and out of a few stores. A few more gifts were bought between the downpour, so I thought it best to just go home. I had a lot of work awaiting me at there. A phone call to Mom, to see how her say went and we both managed to get Jane's birthday gifts in the mail. Should be interesting to see whose get there first! Ah, the mail system...I started hauling up the containers of decorations and made a small dent in the living room.

I picked up a few things from the Dollarama to add to the "new" mantle. I do believe it is coming together. While I was looking for paper to do the niches, the lightbulb came on, and I thought mmmmm.....they make really beautiful gift bags so I picked up a couple in a very glamorous design and they look fabulous. I like having those "Aha moments" it really makes my day. I know pathetic but it's true. So now it's time to watch "House" and a bit of down time. So tea and my new mags...good night, sleep well
"All the beauty that we see, is heavens gift to you and me"

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