Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's been a long day

Well I made've probably heard the saying "run ragged" well that's me today. The day started at 6:30 which is about an hour later than normal but I have been going strong for 14 hours. I am pooped. Trip to the airport, all went well they arrived safe and sound in sunny Vallarta....should be an interesting week to say the least. I made my trek out to Michaels, Canadian Tire, Costco and came home dropped it all off, nice chat with Pam, a few bites of sushi, and then back out 45 minutes later to Save On and then to the lumber store. Got all the ingredients to do some Christmas candy making and the nuts and bolts, and then to Windsor to get the wood for my mantle.

The guys are so fantastic in there. They are so helpful. I have to admit they get a good chuckle after I have been through the doors. I ask their opinion but really I just want verifcation that I am on the right on my way home I stopped at the movie store and picked up "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Sandra told me it was very good, a tear jerker but I won't be watching it tonight. Far too late now. So once I returned home I proceed to stain the wood so that it will be ready for tomorrow. Then it was on to the berry trees, I am not sure if I like the ribbons, so they may get axed, but for now so you get the idea. Now that I have done a couple of topiaries I know what I will do if there is a next time.

Did I mention my heel is killing me? Ya it probably wasn't such a good idea wearing the black h----- boots shopping for 4 and a half hours, and when I plan on running 10tomorrow but I am icing it now so it'll be fine. So back to the crafting, I saw this idea on one of the blogs I read, and I will admit somethings just aren't as easy as you think they are, I mean I am fairly crafty, and smart about figuring things out but then sometimes I am not. But then well, that's another whole conversation. But I have too admit after much verbal discussion with the glue gun and my imaginary friend it is done and it is beautiful. I would like to know why it is 6 weeks before Christmas, I come up with all these brain waves of ideas. There are other months of the year when I could start these projects so anyways here it is hanging on my boudoir door....

And here is a close up, I think it turned out pretty. A little heavy but I think it will be okay.

Well that was pretty much my day, I am going to sit and have a piece of spelt bread and peanut butter and go to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful evening.

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