Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hokey Doodle!

Well I survived the Craft Fair. Saturday was a bust, not very many shoppers just lots of lookers, but thankfully Sunday brought more people out and lots of shoppers! I sold quite a few of my Rhubarb leaf bowls, and I was sooo excited to sell the giant leaf bowl. I think the lady was going to be thrilled who was receiving it. The snowmen weren't as popular as we thought they would be, so that was disappointing but a lady did call on Monday and bought one for her cousin for Christmas, so that made me feel better. I am happy it's over and I am very thankful for my friend Susan for sitting keeping me company all weekend and giving me moral support. Thanks Sue! Now, I can get down to some of the other things I have been wanting to get at. I have been following "Life in the Fun Lane" and Holly has thought up some very cute cake plates and well I went thrift store shopping today and bought a couple of bowls and a candle stick so I will see what I can come up with. Stayed tuned.

Trish and I ran on Sunday morning and we got up to 8.5km so we are getting back on track, my heel still is bugging me but I am being careful. Tomorrow we run the "dreaded hill". Looking forward to the coffee with friends afterwards!

So my list of projects is piling up, I will keep you posted with photos. Good night!

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