Thursday, October 29, 2009

Runner Report

At last I know for sure that I do not have a heel spur. So plantar fascitis it is....well I guess the orthotics will fix the problem eventually. So if I have to wear them 24 hours a day until it's better,that's what going to happen. Plus the exercises and all the rest of the treatments......I do love to run and I'm not giving up.

Winter arrived today with a snowfall of 3 inches but of course it is too early to stay so I imagine by morning it will have melted. It's really funny to watch people on their way to work, you know they want to go their usual speed but afraid so I guess that's good, they are actually thinking while they are driving for a change. I've noticed lately that fewer people are talking on their cell phones too. I think maybe the message is finally getting across plus if you get caught and you're in an accident because of your lack of attention well you are going to pay.
Well tomorrow is set up for the Craft Fair and I am ready. Bring it on!

My son called this evening from Boot Camp, he is in the Armed Forces. Tomorrow is their day to get their badges for their caps. So he was busy ironing and polishing his boots. Funny how things change. Two months ago he was sleeping till 2 or 3 in the afternoon just waiting to be called.....they grow up fast, he's 20 and it just seems a short time ago I was tying his hockey skates.
So I am glad it's Friday has been stressful the last few weeks so each weekend is a blessed event. Night! Ps. I will run tomorrow maybe not far but I will go out..............:)I will try and remember to get a photo of the snow, it is quite beautiful and pristine.

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