Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Wednesday and the middle of the week has passed...I have to admit starting this blog is going to keep me on track. I have committed to a Artisans Fair this weekend and what made me do that I will never know. Oh yes, it was my friend I will blame her. Funny thing is I've done this before and said I would not do it again. But you see I embarked on this rather flukey experiment and it worked! Making things out of cement. That's right cement, concrete whatever....they are unique the things that I have made but a tad heavy! So after this weekend I am sure I will relax.

I went for a run last night with my running partner and I don't usually do the nighttime routine but my mornings have been spent in solitude on the treadmill watching craft shows before I go to work. But I have to say running at night puts a whole new perspective on running. I love to see how people decorate their houses for Halloween or just Autumn in general, some are just so pretty. Next to Christmas, Fall is my favourite season. Not so much Halloween.:( So, I usually run with a group at the awful hour of 5:30am but like I said this week I have been off not to mention with great disgust I have plantar fascitis and my heel has been giving me grief......but that's another that's it for my day, good nite and God Bless, and let there be peace with our fallen soldiers and their families......

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