Monday, November 9, 2009

I have been remiss..................

I can't believe how fast the time goes by, all last week I was writing Wednesday on the board, and before I knew it Friday had arrived. I had a very busy weekend, I made some very pretty cake plates but I think they will make gorgeous candy dishes. After scouring every thrift store in town I found five very nice crystal candle sticks. Finding pretty plates turned out to be quite abit more difficult. I need to raid my mothers china cabinet.....these are them.

I also found these very cute sugar cookies. But unfortunately they are not edible or maybe that is a good thing? Certainly no calories! I found them in the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas, like I need to find more things to do. I think they are awesome.

Christmas will come early around here this here, as all the kids will be home the week before so I will do Christmas dinner on the 19th, my girls will be home(as well the boyfriend) and my son flies in that weekend also. I am quite excited! This may be our last Christmas for a while that we will all be together, so I think I will go over the top with the decorating, I mean really is there any other way?

This morning Trish and I ran and in our 45 minutes together I am sure our Christmas decorating is coming together. Red is going to be the front porch theme, I think it will be very striking. I have many ideas and will need to start writing things down so that I don't get lost now I need to get ready for work. I know this is backwards but I really did need to catch up. Have a wonderful day. Be silly, be honest, be kind........

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