Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Day to Remember..............

I probably will remember this day for many years to come as it will be the first Remembrance Day my son has participated in as a soldier. I hope and pray he will have many more.

Trish and I ran the "dreaded hill" this morning either I am getting senile and don't remember how bad it is from week to week or that it actually feels good to do it. I have to tell you it is 3km from bottom to top at a 10% grade, that is steep, now granted we don't run the whole way because we just don't. We run a pole walk a pole, probably a kilometer worth but that in itself is murderous! But today we did extra, started further away and went into the University and around the back way. It was good. Then enjoyed coffee with Kelly and Annie, good times and laughs!Funny girls!

I went to the Dollarama and got some more tinsel to finish my wreath, it's going to be sooo pretty! Then I went and had coffee with an old friend and dear friend. We don't get a lot of chances to visit so it was really nice. Working takes up too much leisure time.............But it's back to work tomorrow for a few days........night!

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