Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day 2014!

That's right it July 1st, 2014 and Canada Day! A beautiful sunny day and perfect for kayaking on the ocean! Yeah!

Well I for one and glad its a sunny day and we are able to get out and so something fun today! Its also the 14th anniversary since my dad passed away and went on to another journey. Miss you Dad everyday.........

On the weekend I finally got the opportunity to go and visit one of my favourite artists on the coast here.......I've admired his work since I moved here and one day I hope to take some classes from him.

Todd Clark
If you get a chance and you are into abstract art, give him a Google and check out his works........he is self taught and down to earth and loves to share his ideas and inspirations. When I first saw one of his paintings it was in a coffee shop, it amazed me what paint can really do.......its a good thing I work in a paint store! The access to colors has been amazing!

This is one of his works and its called Canada's Hottest. The colors are beautiful as are the combinations. The Hubs is still shaking his head that someone would pay $3000 for a painting!

When we were there on Saturday, at the time the farm was alive with Peacocks, apparently they just roam around his property freely and that's crazy with cougars and predators lurking in the bushes......he said they had lost a few over the years but basically they just hang around.

This male has the longest tail, when he fans it out apparently
its like 8 feet high!
What a beautiful bird. This guy was king because he has the biggest plume.

I loved the color of these birds and their heads, so brilliant!

This afternoon we are heading out for a two hour paddle to this place, Sechelt Inlet,  and its just gorgeous! Second time for Kait and I, the first time for the Hubs, I'm bringing us a lunch to have along the way.......these are some of the views.......

I doubt that we will see any whales but they have been known to enter the inlet, but I am sure we will spot an eagle or two.

So those are our plans for the day, I hope you have a great Canada Day! where ever you may be, and you are also proud of your country as I am of ours. Take care and have a wonderful day!

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