Friday, October 5, 2012

Working full time.................

is for the birds I tell you! Holy guacamole! Time consuming and energy zapping! Now don't get me wrong I like to work and making pretty colors isn't a bad thing and I like helping people pick colors when they have no idea. That is really a lot of fun! But everyday! I think not! But I have one more week to fill in for Tracy and then hopefully we will get back to 3-4 days a week.....I've finished up all the hats including another owl hat for a little bigger child, and then, I got on a ruffle scarf kick and a slouchy hat ........and last weekend, I got my walls painted in the this weekend it is Thanksgiving in Canada and Sunday I will be cooking a little turkey dinner for the Hubs, my mom and I. No kids this year, working and too far away........sad face:((((

Here was my test patch

"Cutting in" is not my favourite part
but a necessary evil and taping just isn't
going happen

Notice the colors of the curtains?
Yup, I knew why I picked this color!
Roasted Sesame Seed by Benjamin Moore
in Coronado Paint
So I'm suffering from tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome (painful!) from all the painting and the crocheting but does that stop me? Nope, not a chance, and cruising through Pinterest looking for more ideas causes me great pain too but again not too quick here! I will probably break down long before I reach old age but I will be sliding through the door when I do!
Hmmmm....not a great photo, I was sure
 I had a brighter one but you get the idea,
 I added little green buttons to
the center of the yellow and same with the babies
hat.....eyes need to have irises!

I saw this cute birthday card on Pinterest
and I have a friend with a birthday...
far to heavy to mail so this one will
have to be hand delivered
Easy peasy slouchy beret
Caron International Ruffle Scarf
Thanks Ravelry!

The mornings are getting cooler and cooler, but I went for a run this morning with Janet downtown, where they install street lights, and it was a gorgoeus morning to be out. The mountains were majestically off in the distance and the rosy pink sky was truly breath-taking! Mornings like that are the way everyday should start. Shorts are still a go but long sleeves and gloves were necessary. I hope I don't have to resort to pants for a few months! My northern girls would say when its -4C,  that's when the pants come out but we'll see how tough I am.

Well that's it, that's all folks, for this week! Busy, busy, I hope you have a wonderful long weekend, filled with turkey and pumpkin pie! I'm thankful to all my visitors, have a great evening!

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