Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm just saying...............

Totally could not sleep last night, not sure if it was just one of those nights or from all the excitement of the day. The girls, Sue, Janet, and myself ran 11km yesterday morning, it did not rain, as luck and faith would have it, but I am certainly not running comfortably these days.....could have been my shoes, change those tomorrow, could have been the lack of water, or too warm or the extra weight I seem to have acquired.....so I made a conscious effort to rethink my diet and what has been lacking.....back to the basics.......so I was very good yesterday. We ran, I was busy all day doing things, and then after dinner last night we went to the pool and swam lengths. Did I mention swimming is a very hard workout! You wouldn't think being a runner, that swimming should be that hard. Ha! Swimming is like the hardest thing ever! Cardio at its best! We are going to try and go a few times a week and Sue used to swim competitively so she will bounce back like riding a bike.

This is another day off which I plan to "totally" enjoy AGAIN! Sunny skies at the moment, all my materials albeit a few boards, to make my bar table are set up in the garage, materials cut and stacked for Jane's quilt, but ran out of backing and will need to pick up another color.....then I am having coffee with another military mom who's son is also stationed with my son, I'm sure we will find lots to talk about. Coincidence is so funny that she grew up in my old hometown, two blocks from where I first lived and went to the same elementary school. How random is that? It's fate, that's what it is. Her son is the baby of the family, same as mine, I think we will be a great comfort to each other when our men are deployed here in the new year.

I finished this cute "Olivia's Butterfly Hat" on Sunday as I lazed around watching some of my shows that I had PVR'd, this pattern can be found on Ravelry. Very easy instructions, and whips up quite quickly.

Olivia's Butterfly Hat from Ravelry
 Crocheted with a "J" hook and a softee chunky yarn, made to fit a head 20 1/2 inches, so it fits my head but for anyone else a few more rows could be added.

This is my breakfast today. I love croissants
The hubs bought these for me on his Saturday, cause he knew I haven't had any in a VERY long time. And homemade blackberry jelly! Yummy! Thanks dear!

Breakfast of Champions!
I've made a few of these coffee cozies, and
apparently they are popular,
 there are many out there
so I've noticed on etsy.
I guess it's because they are very cute.
Well must run and get organized for the day, I hope you have a fabulous day.  I see blue skies so I need to make a run for it and get my outside things done. Then back to the crafting this afternoon. Ciao for now! Enjoy your day!

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