Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seriously Pinterest..........

I don't think there is a day that goes by I don't have to check you if I don't have enough things on the go! If you haven't been on the Pinterest site you seriously need to go and check it there are days when I think I will just have a little look but then one thing leads to another and before I know it, I have pinned a dozen or more great ideas or whatever catches my fancy.

So my latest fixation is the Fall fashion and boots! I love boots, short boots, tall boots, leather boots, suede boots, pretty much any boot, sweaters, jeans, scarves! So I've made a small collection of a few that I am loving for Fall.............or just love the look of anytime......

I like the jacket, and the handbag,
 I have the cowl.

These boots are a little
shorter than I would like but
they are grey and they will do!

I love this sweater and now I have the scarf,
 and the boots

I want this sweater!
 I need a new watch

This sweater says curl up
 and read a book

All these outfits have been on Pinterest tormenting me, wondering where a person would find some of these, but don't you worry! If there is one thing that I am totally on top of, its shopping! The Hubs can attest to that, he says I can always find something on sale! Now if only I had access to the shopping.....but that's probably a good thing that I don't.

So now that I have finished a few crocheted ruffled scarves, my next project is for a baby grand-girl who was born to my good friend Sandra this morning. Her daughter already has two of the cutest little munchkins I love to bits, so I need to make something special for the new little one..........can't wait to hear what her name is going to be! It'll be something Irish for sure. Claire has a nice ring to it! We'll see tomorrow after Laura has time to sleep and rest.

Well time to finish my tea and get in a good nights sleep, last night was a bust and I felt it today, so does not make for a happy day. Good night all! Sweet dreams.........

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