Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mother Nature at her worst....

I can't say I miss this season! This was what my friends woke up to this morning in my old home town......Seriously!!!! It's only the end of October! Then to top it off the temperature was minus 20' Celsius......oh dear not nice. I can think of a few people who are probably cringing at the thought of the winter they are going to have if it's starting like this! But on a positive note....... its suppose to warm up this weekend and rain guys! What they had in centimetres, we had rain in millimetres. Nothing a good pair of gumboots didn't fix!

I finally got a photo of how I wanted to cut my hair, and although it didn't come out quite the same, its still not as weighty as my last doo! When Bobbi was cutting my hair...... she couldn't believe the pile that was accumulating on the floor, and of course the curl started. She was quite surprised I had so much hair.....well not so much now! Won't the Hubs be surprised when he comes home to a new woman!

I know "ham"! But hey its my best asset! Now on to more serious subjects......I spent the better part of the afternoon out in my toasty warm studio sewing square, after square, after square for my daughters rag quilt. Finally the squares have the crosses sewn and now to figure out a pattern. No randomness in this one! So figuring out a pattern will happen on the floor tomorrow. It should be a good size but they always shrink when you start sewing it together.

Here are a few of the projects I finished.......

I love this variegated yarn and the buttons are the "piece de resistance". I finally found a place that carries "funky" buttons in every shape and color! Not cheap mind you...... but I think they make the piece.

Next on the list are a scarf and a pair of mitts for Sue's daughter. I did a little shopping and picked up a couple of small crock pots, I made up a holiday potpourri of cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and oranges and wanted to simmer it on the stove but I thought one of those mini sauce crock pots would do the trick, the first one I found turned out to be a little too big but I will keep it for doing small recipes or desserts. 

Potpourri for the Holidays or
for sauces to keep warm

This one will be good for soups, desserts,
and small casseroles
Here's dessert...................Tapioca Pudding
Well another day off tomorrow.......I can certainly handle four days off in a row. I sure hope my Christmas tree arrives tomorrow! Gotta love Costco online......door to door delivery. With a smaller house I needed to downsize the Christmas tree........so this year it will be a 7.5 ft, pre-lit skinny tree.  Wooooo.....can't wait to start decorating, full blown this year baby! The list is growing daily! Time to make tea, stay safe my friends and thoughts and prayers go out to the storm ravaged cities in Eastern United States.

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