Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! A glorious day here, the sun is warm, skies are blue, you can't ask for better weather in the first week of October. No rains, and no frosty mornings as of yet. But I know they will come and these days will be just a vague memory. It was pretty quiet around here for dinner last night, mom and a friend of the Hubs came and we ate moocho turkey, and a delicious pumpkin pie that mom brought and made. We also got our wood in for the winter, so there will be many fires this winter to warm the house. Electric heat just doesn't cut it with all the dampness here on the coast.

So all in all, it was a low key day. Went for a run in the morning with the running group and indulged in a Pumpkin Latte when I was done. A pitiful excuse for a Sue and Janet went for a cruise around town showing Janet a few of the trails and scenic sights, again didn't feel quite up to snuff.....I think I need to drink more water.........before the company came yesterday, we mowed the lawns again and hopefully, the last time for the year , but I kind of doubt it..........but we'll rain in the forecast till next weekend.

I picked two of the pumpkins that I grew and they are dandies! One I would say is around 10 pounds and the other one which is bigger is a few pounds lighter.....I was so excited to be able to put them on the front porch.

My first homegrown pumpkin!
Still waiting for this one to ripen

This is my girlfriends little grandson....
cute a button!

So not much happening today, as I am suffering from tennis elbow and an electrifying pain shooting down my arm.......I seriously need to settle down on a few things but that's not really my forte'! Back to work tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Tracy, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

I started cutting out the fabric for my oldest daughter's rag quilt! She wants it to be big enough for her bed, so I'm thinking that's pretty big and I may have to go get more fabric but I'll see when I start matching the squares.

Well gotta run and get dinner together, leftovers it is. I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed your family and friends if it was a holiday weekend for you. Ciao for now!

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