Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy Week

I've been so busy this week with trying to finish cleaning out my craftroom and sorting through things the week has just flown by. But yes I am still alive. I made a trip to the Hospice Resale store and dropped off a car load of crafts and fabric, I think they will be busy for a few days sorting that out!. I still have a big pile that needs to be transported down to my car but I will need muscles for that. But it is coming together. It's hard to know what kinds of organizing container and such I will need. But I managed to recycle a few things that I already had in other places. So for now it is clean and refreshing and a cozy place to be. I made a pencil/pen/scissor holder for the desktop, bought a case for all the scrap booking papers. So that's helped tidy things.

Well I think the cold has broken for a few days, so that is good for our running. Trish and I only got out on Monday and Friday this week after we had such great plans. But I had a touch of the flu on Tuesday so spent the say on the couch. Not good. It only lasted 24 hours good thing!It's quite warm out today so hopefully it doesn't start raining cause that will make it very messy for tomorrow's run.

My son has gone back to Boot Camp this morning and I know he has been waiting anxiously for the three weeks to be done. We will see him again in three weeks for his graduation but he won't be home for who knows how long now. So he went out with his buddies last night and played hockey and of course that led to downtown but he was packed and waiting this morning to head out. What an awful hour 6am for a flight. I guess I am usually up and on the road by that time, it just seemed weird to be going to the airport. So it's done and back to normal. Whatever "normal" is suppose to be. It will be quiet........more time to run and does not end....have a great weekend!

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