Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm back...........

Well talk about a whirl wind trip. I cannot believe that I have flown to Montreal and done all that I did within 5 days! Yikes! We had a wonderful time, the grad ceremony and parade were quite amazing. The graduates were very impressive. And all so very smart looking, of course I thought my son looked wonderful. I have to say I "Love" Montreal. After all the horror stories I had heard about the french people....don't believe it for one minute! They were friendly and very easy to understand. Sure made you think about all the french you took in school. Glad I paid attention then! So we did a little sight seeing, and a little shopping! Oh my goodness...the shopping is to die for! If only I had unlimited funds! Yikes it would have been marvelous! But I have to admit I didn't do too shabby! Love my boots! Love my jacket! Need I say more? Anyway it was fun.

I forgot to mention how terribly cold it was, I think the first day was bearable -6, then the next -17 with a wind chill of -30. Now it's cold here but "nothing" like that oh my goodness!I will post some photos of the fantastic architecture, wow talk about history!
The girls arrive home tomorrow for a week before they are off on their big trip through Southeast Asia....yup they will be gone for three months. Thank goodness for Internet. I don't think I would be too comfortable with them travelling if it wasn't for that connection. So I am pretty beat so no running tomorrow, but will have to make it up starting Tuesday. I really am looking forward to my own bed. Funny how that is...........oh well I am glad to be home......cheers!

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