Monday, January 11, 2010

There was a party and I wasn't invited

Obviously by the amount of snow in the backyard this was taken a few days ago but I think you will get the idea that something was going on back there and I know it wasn't me. By the looks of the tracks and the chewed branches, there was a herd of deer in the yard having a party! They were also in the front yard chewing on Susan's tree, a tell tale sign when there bits and pieces of branches scattered about. I don't mind the deer, I would buy hay bales and put them on the hill when it gets so cold like it was last week and so much snow, but Glenn says "no" to that one. He said they will come in droves if we start feeding them. Jeez they gotta eat! Poor things! Well it was a nice thought.

Tidier and Neater----

I finally finished cleaning my craft room, well for now anyways. I need to get to the Thrift store and drop off another load. There are still very many back issues of magazines that I just hate to part with, or like some people I know "rip" out the know who you are! So that is my dilemma at the moment. But I did cull my closet on Sunday and got rid of things I hadn't worn for a few years (but I couldn't part with some of the jackets and blazers or the heels just yet) I did manage to get a few bags full thou. Dresses from the 80's that I am sure I won't be wearing anytime soon. Back to the Future just isn't me anymore!
So I started my Ballard Designs wall plaque yesterday and after "MUCH" frustration at having to cut wood trim with a hand saw, does not work by the way. I decided it was best to put it away before my lack of patience took over and it became firewood. Did I mention patience isn't my forfeit. Not by a long shot. When something seems so simple and straight forward and it causes me a headache, time to put it away and try another day. So that's what I did this morning after I came in from our "ice run"(very slippery this morning) before work. I got it to the painting portion and was pleased I hadn't ruin some good wood and trim. After I got home from work I sanded and painted the borders and so far so good. I will take a photo in a day or so when it's all done.

The weather is crazy warm, "Pineapple Express" flying through, melting and raining. What a mess! I will take -10C any day. I'm off to watch my shows! So happy they are done with the reruns.....ciao!

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