Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Insanity at it's Best

An "Ahhh" moment is when you realize what good friends you have, when they indulge your creativity and in my case, my insanity, about Christmas. These candy ornaments were a gift from Susan, the same one who started the insanity of running at the God awful hour of 5:30 am. but you know they are just as crazy as you when they see something that they just know you will go crazy about. And I am! Well I guess that's nothing new to my friends but I am so very pleased with my new ornaments!

To say I have been busy in spite of the -30C weather is an understatement. Not only has work been a tad "out there" I decided to make these gorgeous sparkly initial ornaments for each guest and my family for Christmas dinner. They are beautiful and it started last weekend when Trish and I went to Michaels, so it's her fault. So all week I have been painting and glittering letters, well one led to another and another and so on. I think I have lost count now exactly how many I have made?!!

Finally the frigid weather pattern has broken so we are running the hill tomorrow. It is number 9! Oh yea! Next week I think we will do it on Christmas Eve morning, kind of a cleansing for the next day. Well that's my analogy of it anyway. So I shall call it quits for the day. Good night!

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