Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yea, it's December!

I love the month of December. I love Christmas, the colors, the pretty decorations, the many choices of style. It's a decorators dream or a nightmare for some. I tend to go overboard this time of year. I guess when you wait all year its got to be special.

Listening to Barack tonight on the news did not bring me to my happy place. I think it is inevitable now that many more troops from Canada will be going to Afghanistan. We will have to wait and see just how many. Can you imagine how many families will be effected by 30,000 US troops, 10,000 British troops, they expect to put 100,000 troops in by 2011. If you don't know how many are in a troop, it doesn't mean 50 or 100 members in troop, it means individual soldiers. Well I hope he's not wrong saying that they will succeed in making a difference. I just don't see how you can fight those people and their beliefs.

So in the mean time I am thankful my son is here, and still training.

I have a new addition to the Santa parade. He is very beautiful in his stunning cream and gold robe. The new Mr. Claus is on the left hand side. I have a project to finish tomorrow, it involves red balls and a chandelier. But tonight I was busy making peanut brittle. Two batches. It's sooo good! Definitely packaged that up and put it away.

Tomorrow is the "dreaded hill" it will be number 8. It's suppose to be very cold in the morning, it will make it a little easier, hopefully no wind, that would be a blessing. Not much else to say, other than good night, sweet dreams....

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