Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby.. it's cold outside!

Well when it decides it's going to get cold, boy it comes with a bang! I don't mind the cold but with the wind, it just makes it miserable. Needless to say, we did not go running outside yesterday. Instead resorted to the treadmill and watched the news. Trish and I both decided minus twenty does not make for a fun run. So I think it will be the treadmill for the next few days because there isn't any sign of it warming up anytime soon.

I managed to get out and do some shopping and get some photos enlarged. Had a wonderful gingerbread latte from Starbucks to make up for the lack of food. I think it counts as nutrition, there was milk and whip cream! Very yummy! It was great!

I made the Ritz Mints today and they are too good! Also got the gingerbread dough made for the cookies. It was a late night Saturday, we went to a house party at Rick and Yvonne's, around 10 we decided to play "Catch Phrase", talk about fun! It was girls against guys, and well of course the girls kicked butt. I founs it at Walmart today and bought it. I think it will be fun to play when the kids are home. So around midnight we packed it in and said our good-byes. It was a very enjoyable evening. I am off to drink my tea and try to finish a sleeve of this sweater. I resisted buying more wool today until I finish this project. Night.......

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