Monday, December 21, 2009

Yea, the Christmas holidays are here! Working in education does have its perks. It's great to have the time off, and I enjoy being home and not really having a schedule. Trish thought we were nuts running yesterday morning at 6:30 but the traffic is minimal and that way, we won't be one of the runners that can be accused of taking up too much road! It is very hard running in the winter as the sidewalks are hazardous, slanted towards the road, and sometimes slick. But we had a great run and came across a peculiar fellow that made us laugh and run a little faster. No harm done, and I am quite positive we could have taken him if the need arose.

Well, monday it is, and my Christmas dinner is done! Yes Saturday we had our big dinner as Jane was only here till Sunday as was Ayla, BF Les, Charlotte, lots of food, lots of laughs, and hurting bellies. I don't think I have ever crammed that many people into a room but it all worked out just dandy. I brought down a table from my craft room and added to the end of the dining table and it was perfect for ten. My next house will have to take out a wall.

The 25 lb. turkey was cooked to perfection and it took 7 hours with monkeying around with the temperature for the last 4 hours. I was getting a tad concerned at 1:00 when it looked like we wouldn't be eating till very late. Nothing that another 30' didn't fix. The kids played crib and "Catch Phrase" with help from the kitchen. Too funny when they have never heard of some of the phrases but it didn't take long. It was a great day! My bed never felt so good. And the run in the morning was fantastic and the power nap in the afternoon was great. It's snowing like the dickens this morning, sure glad there is able men around to shovel. Have a great day!

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  1. sounds like your having a great time. Our weather has been very weird. rain, then snow windy, warm...wonder what will come next