Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just chillin'

Well, it has been a very quiet week without the stress of planning Christmas Dinner. Quite nice actually, whilst everyone else is running around trying to get things done, I can just procrastinate about getting the rest of the gifts wrapped. I've also been doing a little hunting down of decorations as they are on sale now and moving out fast. So today, when the kids and I went out to Costco and Canadian Tire, I picked up some glass balls to make someone a wreath for next year. I would have bought more but there wasn't much choice of colors. Oh well I will keep checking out the stores.

It's very cold again this week. So I think we will go up to the track on Thursday morning and get our pre-Christmas run in, and then hopefully Boxing Day it isn't too cold to get outside again. We really need to get in "#ten" of the hill, and get it over with. So maybe? The track is nice but really warm. Well I am just about done for today even thou I slept in a extra couple of hours. Must be the cold air.
New eyes and new hair tomorrow! Yea! Night all, have a nice evening.

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