Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York!

Just thought I'd take a quick trip to the Big Apple! Not! But my daughter did and I love some of the photos she gave me. Another one of my most favourites is the Brooklyn Bridge, it is so cool! I can't wait to go there one day!

Good morning everyone! Wow don't the weeks just fly by? Seems to me they do. Not much to say these days. I had my haircut yesterday and it's a big change for me. I haven't had it this short since I was 8 years old, at least I can't remember anyways. When I told Farrah that, she was glad I waited till she was done before I told her, or she wouldn't have gone this short. But I like it and it feels great! Thanks Farrah!

The weather has turned cold, and running the hill yesterday was kind of nice, if that is possible? See I must be loosing my mind! But it's much easier if it's not warm. Still we froze our "batoots" but that seems to happen anyway. Trish and I decided we need to design specialized underwear so our "batoots" stay warm instead of freezing into a block of ice! Otherwise it was quite pleasant! When it gets this cold, the ground is rock solid and the snow is quite slippery. but happy to say so mishaps.

So I have quite a bit of shopping to get done this weekend. It's one of those years when nobody needs anything, as the girls will be travelling after Christmas, so they don't need much, otherwise it will just have to go into storage, so next year it will be easier as you always need household things. And Daniel well, everything he needs is supplied by the Forces so maybe a few civy clothes, maybe a camera.....have to mull that one over. So I thought I would just finish off the stockings this weekend and have a look. Mom liked her skating rink to go with her Village, I think she was surprised!

Must get ready for work. I will leave you with visions of shopping on Broadway! Have a great day!

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