Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Best Wishes to All My Friends and Family

Well the last day of 2009, goodness time slips by fast. Does it for you too? A new year and new decade. Wow 2010! It's interesting to note that tonight there is a Blue Moon, and in case you didn't know what that means, it is when there is a full moon twice in a month. Apparently this happens quite often but unless someone mentions it, no one but astronomers and weather forecasters really pay attention. But I found these awesome photos on "Google" so I couldn't help but post them. Oh how I would love to be able to take photos like these guys. Beautiful aren't they? But do you know the kind of equipment you need to accomplish this? Don't even go there. Just "once in a Blue Moon" I would like to do these shots! Get it? That's where the saying came from, who would have thunk it!

The day was spent trying to sort and organize. I have had good intentions for two days now to start in my craftroom cleaning but to no avail has it happened. Lots of good ideas, so I know it will happen eventually. Maybe tomorrow! I did make it to Michaels today as I was reading "Thrifty Decor Chick" this morning (boy is she good) and found a Ballard Designs idea she had adapted, so I had a piece of wood sitting in my laundry room(that's another project I want to do) and decided to put it to use. So that meant a trip to Michaels. So I will do that tomorrow too. Promise...
Trish, Joanne and I plan on running in the morning so I hope the wind isn't blowing it could be nasty. Can we please be done with this cold, cold weather. I hope everyone has a nice New Years and a safe one. Goodnight!

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