Thursday, July 4, 2013

Well its that time again.......

back to work today...... where they pay me to show up! I managed to get a few of the things I wanted to accomplish this week. Number one on my list was putting the hardware on the garage door. If you visit Pinterest  on occasion you might have seen how many of the girls have been glamming up their garage doors. I'm not totally finished just yet, but I need to pick up some black paint to make some faux windows. But for now this is what we have...............

Found this package at Home Depot, but apparently they have them at Lowe's also if they are in your neighborhood.

Yawn.............................totally dullsville.........but at least it isn't glaring "before"

The "after" for the glare but it was very sunny and the cars were in the way and the windshields were glaring.

The handles are totally just for decoration as I didn't anchor them through to the backside, not necessary........

Now I want to paint faux windows in the three center panels maybe later if the weather holds, its looking a little ominous this morning.

Well besides getting the front lawn looking like a golf course, scrubbing the winter dirt off the sundeck and making it pretty again, cleaning out a flower bed, and doing a few errands that was the last few days.....Mom's house is still getting the finishing touches completed so I am enjoying the company and getting many little things tidied up.

Time to hit the shower and make like the bees. Hope you have a great day! Ciao for now!

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