Sunday, July 14, 2013

Garage Door Update

I am finally back on track, well about as much as I ever am.......but I managed to get the garage makeover finished despite the cast. Who says you can't stand on a ladder with one foot. Maybe not that safe but when I want something done, where there is a will, there is a way!

So you remember that I put the hardware on I found at Home Depot.......

And then the door with hardware..............

But it still wasn't doing a lot for me so a little trip to Pinterest, to find the painted faux windows.......

Well seriously how hard could it be do add a little detail? Not very much believe.....but seriously use the "best tape" you can buy.......being as I work in a paint store and have listened to all the Sundry reps boast about their line of tape that "will not bleed" can I just say "B.S!!!!!!!!" We got a new line of tape which is blue and happens to boast a shur-line blah, blah blah! Nothing and I mean nothing compares to Frog Tape! and I don't even get a commission by telling you that! So if you get close to my doors you will see a slight bleed in a few places, which I will fix...... just not today!

So here they are and I am very please with look and have to admit they look spectacular! Now when I drive into the driveway I am blown away how such a easy fix and inexpensive makeover spruces up boring old garage doors. Oh I can hear some of you saying seriously she needs to get a job! Ah? I think not......this is my job! Beautifying the world one project at a time!

Well that's my story for its time for me to make friends with my "new" book. I finished reading Ellen DeGeneres's Book - Seriously....... I'm Kidding! Soooo funny! And sooooo, soooo true! OMgosh! Crazy she is!

Night all, time to say sleep tight and sweet dreams.......on to my next vision! CAtch up with you tomorrow........ciao!

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  1. I like your determination, but keep in mind that your safety is always important. Even with just one foot, you managed to make this beautification project a success. Looking forward to your future makeover projects!

    -Roosevelt Franklin @ ClearChoiceWin