Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm just a crazy crafting junkie!

You would think that I would learn my lesson but when I see something I like.......I want to learn how to do don't get me going because its not really my fault that I am on a new venture......its the hubs who started this one.....yes that's was suppose to be "his" thing.......Ya right...... it was just a teaser, so I would get hooked on something........because he knows I am like a dog with a bone, a rabbit with a carrot, a hummingbird with a flower.......yes sireeee.....hook, line and sinker......I said I didn't want to learn and it was going to be his "thing" HA!! HA! HA! Fat chance!



Yup that's right we are on a soap making kick. So be prepared my friends and family there's going to be some lovely soap coming your way. I am already thinking of the embellishments that can be grown and added to the mixture. Oh dear Lord rescue you me from myself!

I didn't really want to go and learn how to make soap I was perfectly happy letting the Hubs go about his business buying soap at the local markets etc. but being the good obedient wife that I am (quit your laughing!!!)  I'm serious here! There was this lovely girl at his work that knows how to make soap and she gave him a few bars to try and offered to show "us" how to make it ourselves.........I said "oh all right, but you're doing it I have enough things on my plate"................famous last words! But seriously....I thoroughly enjoyed the process, not being a great student in science it is a little freaky, and caution has never been a strong point with me but making soap is serious business and can be quite dangerous if not done correctly......but I have to admit I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable.....of course I am very tactile and textures and smells can hook me into just about anything and being the creative junkie that I am.....well lets just say I will be purchasing a few supplies my next trip to the city......and growing a few flowers simply to dry and use the petals.......who knew it would be so fun! I'm going to kill in the meantime......I wonder what will be the next scent I will experiment with........patchouli, lavender, grapefruit, lemongrass, vanilla, OM Goodness the world is just a big oyster! So thank you Sarah for showing me your prized recipe, which is a hundred years old. I will treasure it and keep it in a safe place.

I hope you have a sunny weekend. It's back to the gardens tomorrow and the elimination of grass!

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