Friday, May 3, 2013

To Live is to Learn.......

sometimes we have to do things that we aren't particularly interested in and then we end up really liking it and therefore another creative outlet is I need another creative outlet! My outlets are getting a little overloaded and I am going to be in need of an over sized power bar pretty soon! But I am not going to share that with you is about May and the beautiful spring that we have been enjoying the last few days........these I stopped and enjoyed for a few moments..............

These shots are from Davis Bay. I had to made an emergency stop here the other day as the lid on my roof carrier came open.....I'm glad it did..... otherwise I wouldn't have necessarily stopped to take in the beauty and force of the ocean. It was a glorious day but windy and the waters were rockin' and rollin'!

On our street I think every house has a Cherry Blossom tree. They are spectacular!


Hope you had an excellent week. Enjoy your weekend! I'll be back to share "my" new project very soon!

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