Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Up at the crack of dawn........

and  believe me its not my idea to be up at 2:30! It's still three hours till dawn was due to break.......but it is what it is today I guess. Its a gorgeous morning though! So its not all bad and that cup of coffee tastes divine! So since my day started so early this morning I've had plenty of time to design the flower beds that I want to start creating in the front yard......I went to the lumber yard yesterday and picked out some Holland pavers so that I can outline a few beds. I may have to go back today as I wasn't sure just how many I needed but I've got enough to get started.

The Hubs was busy on the weekend finishing up the garden beds so they are ready and raring to go as soon as the nights are free of frost. Our front lawn is seriously too, too much grass......so for the next couple of years (and that's how long it will take) I am going to be implementing low maintenance gardening.........perennial shrubs, and bushes, and a few more dwarf trees.......I'm even hoping to get a palm tree. So in the meantime.......

Well its still too early to go out side and turn on the lawn mower, the neighbors would probably kill me so I think I will do some baking and find something for dinner. Have a great day and I hope weather allows you to get outside and enjoy the day!

Loving this gate!

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