Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Slow and steady wins the race.......

not that I tend to do things slowly, I usually hit the deck running and don't stop till I finish whatever it is I have in the works, but lately I've had too many things on the go and well....you know how that goes....nothing gets finished and then you end up with a huge pile of projects and you just don't know where to begin. So  few weeks ago I finished the guest room as it is going to have guests very soon. I made a few things and I have one more painting in the works.



I did this whole room in shades of grey and white. The furniture was your typical 80's but with a few coats of paint and changing up the hardware, ''what's old is new again!'' The bedding, I had, Ikea, works perfect with just a hint of color. The one thing I didn't paint was the bookshelf but with the help of a dark grey curtain, voila! Transformed ugly into clean slate! We have this great paint at the store that Tracy and I have pretty much painted everything in site to see the differences in effects that it has on different surfaces. I painted out all the handles and pulls, really love that look, it is the Zip Guard Hammered Silver Grey, its sooooo pretty!  The tray on top of the armoire was handmade by my uncle but.......sorry needed upgrading........looks very glam now! The painting on the canvas was a little more challenging as I could quite figure out what I was looking forward and once you use this paint, there's no turning back.....so with a few swirls of white paint, BA-DA-Bing "art"! Well not Picasso, I am not but it will do!

So the eyes are doing well......still seeing a whole new world in HD! Still a little sensitive to light and well reading gives me a headache only because you're not suppose to spending too much time just yet, staring. So I just have to remember to take it easy......well just a few things  to tidy up today. It was a big yard day yesterday because it was sunny and warm and rain was in the forecast but so far so good today! Well have a great day!

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