Sunday, June 30, 2013

A day in the life of Kait....................and one tired momma

Our daughter Kait is here visiting for Canada Day weekend so that means we do as much as we can and go as many places as we can in a few days...................yesterday I worked so I got off lucky! It was up to her dad and her granny to accompany her and be the tourist coordinator. But I was smart and booked us kayaks for the morning....what a blast! I love the ocean!

Gorgeous start to the day!

Mother and Daughter
A group of young people from France
going out for 8 hours! OMG!


This is going to be my house when I win the lottery!
A picturesque view of Mt Richardson part of the coastal mountain range.
The water was a calm as could be, beautiful hot morning, perfect for paddling around and taking in the scenery.
Some of the underwater sea life
Doesn't get much better than this for the last day of June now does it? Or...................
Could it be a hike to the top of Soames Hill! I think I'm getting too old to keep up with these kids! But I wanted her to enjoy the sunshine and go home with some awesome sights in her mind. So after a brief rest it was up the mountain before dinner, thank goodness it was in the forest and shady.
The boaters were out in full force for the weekend. The slips were full.
Climbing and walking.............


And that was our day mom and daughter exploring the Sunshine Coast, tomorrow we may take a ride up to the Skookumchuck Narrows.......could someone please tuck me in. I am done for the day, and in dire need of some pillow talk. I hope you had a great last day of June. We sure did, it was a glorious day of exercise and sunshine. Ciao!

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