Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Wicked Wednesday!

My week is so mixed up with the Hubs working on Sunday, I had my days all turned around. Monday felt like Tuesday, Tuesday felt like Wednesday and I was in a mild panic!  I thought I wouldn't get all the things done that I had planned but here it is Wednesday again! So I still have today to finish up a few things before its back to work tomorrow.

My mind has not been on functioning that well this week since our son is deploying this weekend, so it tends to wonder and my heart starts to race but I will not falter and will remain positive and strong in his absence. So I will be a busy little squirrel gathering and storing nuts and such for the next 10 months! The nutty squirrel has been occupied with cement for the last week and it gets me really excited! I love playing with cement as much as I love yarn and everything else that passes through my life!

Gunnera leaf turned into birdbath
A Hosta leaf bowl

Patio full of cement stepping stones
So at the moment I am trying to cure them but I am afraid the rains are suppose to start and I don't want them getting soaked.......this could be a problem........where do I put a few hundred pounds of cement leaves? Hmmmmmmmmmm..........

Bambi being a menace to the greenery!
She had a good time chomping
down on my rose bush and sumac tree!
I love animals but I do not love them chewing their way through my yard. This momma was not one bit afraid of me! She brought along a friend to share her new found buffet of greenery........shoooooooo, shoooooo............ya right she said! Chomp! Chomp!

Well time to get a move on. Hope your week is going well and you find some creative outlet to embrace! Oh and my running is starting to get back on course. I even powered up a hill that I usually struggle with! Yea me! Have a great day! Ciao!

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