Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just chillin'.........

after a few busy weeks, I'm just trying to regain my focus and get some things accomplished that have been bugging me. All my planters are planted. Although at the rate I am going, planting new varieties of perennials that are available to me in the tropics here, I am fast becoming a plant-a-holic! Who knew there were so many gorgeous plants to adorn your yards! Not me, that's for sure.......I haven't even heard of some of these plants until I moved south! So believe me when I say gardening is right up there with crafting!

With the kids all back home safe and sound the house has again become "quiet". Now time to clean out the fridge and get back on a program! I wish I could eat like my son but for one, my legs aren't that long, or do I have the metabolism of a 20 something man! He's one big eating machine that's for sure! Hard to believe since he ate like a bird for many years.......now he can give his sister a run for her money!

At the Peak of Whistler
Shannon Falls near Squamish

Tram that takes you Peak to Peak
in Whistler, BC. Amazing!

It was so funny watching these ladies
experiencing their first
taste of snow.
Snowballs galore!
There was a lot of snow at the top of the mountains but then it is only the beginning of June and I am sure they can still ski up there if they wanted. These ladies were having a lot of fun and enjoying the snow. I would prefer alpine flowers and rocks myself! But that will be a few months before that's happening up there.

The sun has returned this week so time to get a move on with the outdoor projects. But first this morning its a run, with the Men's group. Slowly getting back on track and taking my time so I don't over do it! Go hard or go home! Have a wonderful sun-shiny day!

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